Arts and Culture

As I stated earlier, Dunedin is regarded as a world literary city. As well as this, the city was a hub of art, music and festivals.

Midwinter Carnival

Living in Dunedin and being so far south, winter and darkness become synonymous. In winter the sun will go down between 4 and 5pm and only rise after 8 30am. The days are short and cold, giving a real appreciation for summer. During the winter however, around the shortest day of the year is the Midwinter Carnival, celebrating the change of the solstice. This carnival uses light to celebrate the darkness, with a famous parade of lanterns marched through the city center. This is accompanied by live music and street food and in particular some of the best mulled wine you will ever have.


Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room

Dunedin was lucky enough to house Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room in our regional art gallery for some time. This was an interactive exhibit, featuring a completely white room fully decorated like an average home. Everyone who entered received a sheet of coloured stickers to place wherever they pleased, creating an exhibit themselves as they visited.  If it ever visits your city, I highly recommend experiencing it.


Live Music

For a small city, Dunedin has its fair share of live music. The stadium houses plenty of bigger bands while smaller venues in the city host smaller groups. RE-Fuel, a bar/venue underneath the University of Otago has weekly concerts or both local and touring acts and is always a great place to go for a few beers and some live music. The Bog is another Irish/Scottish pub in town that hosts live music almost every other night and has some great acts and some cheap beers.


Street Art

As a city, Dunedin is full street art. Some of it smaller pieces, others taking up entire sides of buildings. Many of the cities alleys are painted with hidden gems which can be found just walking around the city.


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