New Zealand in general and especially Dunedin, lives for rugby. The All Blacks are essentially regarded as gods amongst men, being the biggest celebrities and the most revered sportsmen in the country. Aside from the national team, the country also sports five of the world’s eighteen Super Rugby teams, of which one is from Dunedin. The Highlanders are Dunedin’s local team and reigned as the world champions in 2015. Dunedin is home to one of the largest stadiums in the country and hosts a regularly sold-out student section aptly named The Zoo. This is always the loudest and most enthusiastic/drunk part of the stadium.


In 2015 The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup for the third time, as well as winning t for the second series in a row. This event set off a stream of partying nation-wide, nowhere more so than Dunedin, with the match being watched across the city, both indoor in pubs or at home, or projected on the side of houses. Students dragged old couches together outdoors and made makeshift cinemas to watch the match. After the win occurred the couches were piled together and burned in celebration causing fire damage to several buildings in the city.


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