Oamaru is a relatively small town located near Dunedin, but has an extremely powerful sense of identity. The town is well known in the region for its pristine Victorian district. While being a small town, it has a vast array of beautifully  preserved Victorian buildings and is often used as a filming location. The town has fully embraced this identity and runs Victorian clothing stores, old style pubs, art galleries, whiskey distilleries, hosts Victorian galas and parades, etc. If you enjoy art or history, then Oamaru is definitely worth the stop.




The town has also adopted the title of New Zealand’s steampunk capital, proudly boasting a large steampunk gallery, café and park. Sculptures are all made from recycled metal and old parts. The gallery also features an amazing infinity room timed to three songs and a electronica programmed organ.



The Grainstore Gallery

The Grainstore Gallery is a highly unusual art gallery in Oamaru run and owned by an artist known as Donna Demente who creates all of her own pieces in the gallery. For some highly unusual art pieces, some of which you may wish to buy, pay her a visit. Even if you don’t buy, at least meet the artist, she is a fantastic person to chat to.



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