Bunya Mountains

The Bunya Mountains are one of the best places in Australia to visit if you want to get an up close and personal experience with Australian wildlife, in the wild. The town is located within the forest in the Bunya Mountains and consists of several old Queenslander style houses, mixed with log cabin style houses and a central store/café. With the entire township being surrounded by forest, you will see, meet, and even be able to interact with countless wallabies and native birds. The wallabies will walk into your yard freely as they please and the birds will come and land either on your balcony or on you if you have something they would like to eat. Be sure to check yourself and others thoroughly upon leaving the Bunyas for parasitic ticks and they are rife within this area, particularly summer. If left unnoticed that can cause serious illness and even paralysis. They are more common than you may think, as I personally have had over 30 on me in my time in Australia. Be sure to check under hair and in armpits and the groin area. The township is located only a few hours drive from Brisbane but is definitely worth the trip. Along the way you can stop in and visit Jondaryan Woolshed/Historic Homestead and Bank. This is a historic farming/sheering location and is often used as a wedding venue or for large functions. The entire property is in fantastic condition.




Wild wallabies can be found throughout the Bunya Mountains, having had such lengthy interactions with visitors they are relatively tame and will come right up to your house, some will even allow you to pet them. Just be careful not to approach them too quickly and try not to startle them.



The area is completely filled with exotic bird life, ranging from satin bowerbirds, king parrots, kookaburras, bush turkeys and countless others. These birds are extremely tame and will even come and land on you if you have the right food in your hands. If you wish to feed the kookaburra, then you will need some meat or fish as they are kingfishers and are therefore mostly carnivorous

Scenery/Historic Houses and Homesteads

The township is located amidst a thick forest, located in the Bunya Mountains National Park, as such the scenery is quite stunning. You will find historic houses and cabins making up almost the entirety of housing in the area.


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