Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast consists of a number of coastal and somewhat inland neighboring  towns located north of Brisbane. The area is filled with beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. The major southern towns worth visiting are Caloundra, Maloolooba and Alexander Headland. In the northern area of the Sunshine Coast is Noosa, a fantastic beach town. There is a large backpacking community present in the town at all times. Despite its size, Noosa is extremely upmarket, with boutique shops and gourmet food options, art galleries and cafes. There are several fantastic hikes leading from Noosa through the nearby forest and along the coastline. Dolphins can often be seen in the harbor just in front of town and are often friendly with swimmers and surfers. There are some fantastic shopping malls in and around Caloundra and Alexander Headlands, with the largest being Sunshine Plaza. The region is also well known for its street markets, the best of which in my opinion is the Caloundra Street Fair, operating every Sunday. From the Sunshine Coast, the Glasshouse Mountains are clearly visible in the distance, randomly protruding in strange angles.



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