Rural/Inland Queensland

Rural or inland Queensland is almost an entirely different world to the coastal cities in Southern Queensland. You can expect a very different experience from Brisbane or the Gold Coast. You will find numerous small towns, their frequency and size both growing smaller as you travel further inland. The landscape will also slowly change from tropical forests to gumtrees, to open plains covered in long, dry grass. Each town will generally have one thing that they are locally famous for. You can also find plenty of lakes and watering holes to swim in, such as Crows Nest Falls, located a few hours from Brisbane. Crows Nest is famous for its Crows Nest Sodas range, but just outside of the small town is a watering hole with a waterfall that is fantastic to swim in on a hot summers day and a great place for a BBQ or camping. If you’re looking for a short hike with a nice view, Table Top Mountain is a great way to spend a few hours, but I recommend climbing at either dawn or dusk. If you travel further inland into the deeper countryside you will find a small town called Roma that hosts camel and pig racing tournaments every year. If you want a unique experience, then make sure to attend it at least once. Toowoomba is the largest inland city in Queensland and is the gateway to the outback. Once a year the city hosts an annual Carnival of Flowers which attracts people from all over the region to attend the parade and view the cities flower gardens. Just make sure that if you are going to be hiking out going into bush land in rural and forest areas, that you are wary of spiders, snakes and ticks and not to touch the skin of any cane toads that you may encounter.



Street Art

Toowoomba, despite being a country town has a surprising amount of street art, brought in within the last few years or so in order to add more life and youth to the city. First Coat Festival first began in 2015 and has been ingoing since.



Travelling through rural Australia or into the Outback, you will come across many small towns with some fantastic architecture. The main buildings worth seeing in any town are the town halls and pubs/hotels.

Knick Knacks/Antiques

If you enjoy shopping for antiques or knick kancks, then you will find plenty of them in most country towns. Huge antique stores can be found in several towns around Toowoomba. You can also find plenty of stores that sell specialty crafted items such as cuckoo clocks or vintage signs.



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