Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands are in my opinion one of the most beautiful places on earth. Located in the mountains amongst dense jungle landscapes, the Cameron Highlands is a tea growing plantation town unlike any other. You will find Dutch and German style architecture throughout this region, mixed with vast tea plantations amidst jungle terrain. This is a mix I have yet to find anywhere else to date. If you want the backpacking experience then I suggest finding a hostel in town itself. However if you want to spend a little more there is a fantastic resort located a short drive outside of town, closer to the tea plantations called Equatorial Cameron Highlands. There are plenty of jungle hikes in the area, just be careful not to get lost and probably don’t go out in a storm as jungle terrain can be far more dangerous than a normal forest. The fruit markets located near the Equatorial are definitely worth a visit, selling every type of fruit you could possibly want, in particular the freshest strawberries I have ever had.


BOH Tea Plantation

BOH is the largest and most developed of the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands. This plantation has a large and beautiful property with lush tea fields surrounded by jungle. There is winding road leaving the main road in the Cameron Highlands that will take you to the plantation, which you can either drive or walk. Personally I walked it and took in the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery. The plantation has a fantastic café with a stunning viewing platform overlooking the rolling hills covered in tea fields. A tour of the plantation is also available, which will take you through the tea making process.


Jungle Hiking

There are plenty of jungle hikes located around Cameron Highlands, manyt of which start in town itself. Personally I did and loved Jungle Walk No1, which took several hours on a barely marked mud trail through thick jungle. I found out later that the trial is not recommended without hiring a guide, but luckily I managed to complete it myself without getting lost. I did however get covered in a thick layer of mud and moss and get soaking wet from rain. The jungle on the hike itself is stunning, trees are covered in thick moss and are gnarled and misshapen. If you like hiking, I highly suggest attempting the trail. Views on the climb are spectacular certain points, but cloud cover hid much of the distant rolling hills.


Floral Greenhouses

The Cameron Highlands is home to numerous floral greenhouses, which house vast numbers of beautiful flowering plants in all shapes sizes and colours. These are located just down the street from the Equatorial, near the markets and strawberry farms.


Cameron Butterfly House

This facility, while being a butterfly house is actually far more impressive for its reptile, amphibian and insect collection. Here you will see numerous snake, frog, toad, spider, lizard and other species. Definitely worth a quick visit.


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