Hanoi’s Museums

There are two sides to Hanoi’s museum collections, one focuses on Vietnamese history as a whole, while the other focuses solely on Ho Chi Minh. When I say Ho Chi Minh, I mean the man and not the city. Ho Chi Minh has an almost cult-like following in Vietnam, particularly in the North. The perfect example of this is the Ho Chi Minh Museum located in central Hanoi. This entire complex is literally dedicated to the legend of the man himself. The museum’s collection consists of everything from the man’s childhood clothing, through to chairs he once sat on, his childhood house itself, pens he once used to ythng you could think of. There are also some extremely random art pieces replicated throughout the museum and large metal and crystal structures resembling James Bond villains lairs. I highly suggest visiting this museum for a unique experience and a look into the extent of a national cult of personality. The other museum in town, The National Museum of Vietnam, is a more traditional collection of historic pieces from Vietnam’s dynasties passed and also well worth the visit. There are also numerous other museums in the city, many focusing on the Vietnam War that I did not have time to visit.




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