Disneyland (or as it is often called The Happiest Place on Earth) is probably one of the best-known tourist attractions in existence. It is estimated that an average of 44,000 people attend the park daily. The park is split up into two halves, being Disneyland and California Adventure.  The rides, attractions, shows, and kingdoms are split between the two parks. If you had to only visit one, I would suggest Disneyland, simply due to the amount of atmosphere and effort put into the park, as well as it is the birthplace of Disney. When passing through the gates you will pass Walt Disney’s original office, where a light is always kept on. In this park, you will find the famous Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean ride (which the movies are based on), Space Mountain, Indiana Jones ride, Splash Mountain, The Matterhorn and Haunted Mansion. This is also where the famous nightly fireworks show is held, which is definitely worth attending. California Adventure features Soarin’, Guardians of the Galaxy ride (formerly the Tower of Terror), Grizzly Peaks, Cars Land, Paradise Pier and the California Screamin. This park is also home to the amazing nightly World of Colour water and light show. While in the parks you should definitely try the beignets from New Orleans Square, and one of the park’s famous turkey legs. While tickets are a little pricey, everyone should visit Disneyland at least once in their life, as it definitely deserves the hype that it generates.