Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and as such offers a wide variety of activities and attractions, restaurants, shops, bars and clubs and galleries and museums. The city itself has a fantastic vibe to it, being the largest city in the country but still relatively small by global standards. Like any city, it has a central hub, filled with backpacking lodges, hotels, restaurants and bars, which is also located a short walk to Auckland’s famous harbor. The city is known as the city of sails and has a large emphasis on its harbor. Auckland inner city nightlife has a fantastic energy, and a diverse spectrum of people. On a night out in the city, I began the evening drinking in the park as the sun went down with my South African friend, we were then joined by a French backpacker at our first pub, followed by two UAE guys, then two Germans and finally a middle aged Kiwi woman, who we spent the remainder of the evening pubcrawling with.



Kelly Tarlton’s

Kelly Tarlton’s is an Antarctic Centre/Aquarium located underground, just outside of Auckland city center. As a child, this was one of my favourite places and having returned as an adult, I can honestly say that I still loved it. Having been to several aquariums in sveral countries, this one is still one of my favourites. The easiest way to visit the aquarium if you do not have a car is to take the free private shuttle, which runs from in front of the city docks straight to the center and back throughout the day.


Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery isn’t quite as large as those in other major cities, but has some great pieces and the building itself is a work of art. The gallery has a fantastic collection of early settler Maori portraits, which will give you a unique insight into Maori dress and culture prior to European arrival.


Sky Tower

Sky Tower is one of Auckland and New Zealand’s most iconic attractions. The building itself towers over the city skyline. At the base, there is decently sized casino with several bars. Near the top of the tower is the sky deck, which gives a fantastic 360 degree view of the city. Located at the very top of the tower is the sky walk and sky jump (bungee jumping) platform.