Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland Australia. The city itself  the third largest in Australia with a population of roughly two and a half million. The city is one of my favourites on a personal level due to its pleasant climate, beautiful city center, cleanliness, safety and large variety of things to do. The city has a fantastic music and art scene and an excellent selection of different cuisines. The city has a  river running through its center, which is used as an additional form of transportation with the use of small water taxis. The riverfront area is one of the central social hubs of the city with cafes, bars, museums, markets, music venues and a man made beach and a ferris wheel built along its banks. The Queen Street area is another central hub, being the primary shopping, nightclub, restaurant area in the city and housing the Brisbane Casino and Queen St Mall.


Street Art/Statues

Brisbane is full of street art and statues, depending which area of the city you are in will determine what theme the street art will have.


Live Music

Brisbane has an excellent live music scene, featuring countless local acts, as well as being visited by constant international acts. Ma Watt’s House of Music (formerly known as the Hifi) and the Tivoli are two of the cities most popular music venues and normally put on a fantastic show.


Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum houses fantastic travelling exhibits, such as Dinosaur Discovery, as well as a fantastic local collection, featuring a large amount of native wildlife.