Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory and the largest city in the state. The thing that separates Darwin from other Australian capital cities is that it doesn’t feel or seem like a capital at all, it feels like a small city or even a large town. Within the city you’ll find the state parliament, library, museum and all other things you would expect in a larger political city. The ocean view from the coastline is stunning, due to how tropical the water is, palm trees and mangroves line the coastline to match. The architecture found here is more rural frontier style than urban which gives the city a unique feeling. It’s almost hard to believe that the majority of the city was destroyed in 1974. Darwin for me was a very humbling experience, due to having not one but two strangers help me financially after losing my bank card on my way home from SE Asia. The first gentleman saw that I was scraping for change for the bus fair from the airport to the city and without even asking me if I needed help paid for my fair. The second person heard my story about how I had lost my bank card so couldn’t access money and loaned me $20 for breakfast until the banks  opened. I found out shortly before paying him back that he himself was homeless and living in a shelter in town. I was in Darwin on a 22 hour stopover and had been travelling for almost a solid day with stopovers and delayed flights so spent about 3 hours of my day there asleep in the public library pretending to read a book in the back corner. The people that I met in Darwin stuck in my memory and I can honestly say that they are unique to that place and outgoing on a level that I have yet to experience. I wish that I had more time and money to explore the city but for me it was a very interesting experience.



Deckchair Cinema


This was by far my favourite experience in the city, the Deckchair Cinema is something uniquely Territorian. An outdoor cinema using deckchairs with a buffet style food service and cold beers in the tropical 33 degree evening weather is the perfect way to end your day up north.