Melbourne is an amazing city, being a hub of culture, art, food, music and fashion. The city has won most liveable city in the world for the last six years running and aims to continue to do so. The public transportation system in the city is absolutely fantastic, being able to get anywhere easily and quickly. Wherever you decide to go, you will find art throughout the city, in the main streets and down any alleyways you may choose to explore. There is an amazing blend of historical and modern architecture throughout Melbourne. You will find cathedrals mixed in between skyscrapers and historic train stations beside modern art museums. There is a river running through the center of the city, traversing the CBD and marks the boundary of the city center. Make sure to visit the Melbourne war memorial and the central train stations before leaving. Just be warned that Melbourne can experience all four seasons in one day and to always dress to be prepared for anything. When I visited Melbourne, I stayed in an Irish backpackers called Irish Murphys Hostel, assuming that it simply meant it was Irish themed. This turned out to be true, but it also turned out that every single person at the hostel apart from me and one Englishman I met happened to be Irish. The hostel was great if you don’t mind not getting any sleep and staying in a room that looked like it exploded. Having only one night in town we hit the Casino and had a few drinks, which in my opinion is a must do when in Melbourne. If possible try to see a movie on the largest screen in the Southern Hemisphere, located in the casino cinema, it’s a great experience. As for the weather, I left the house with the sun shining on a relatively cloudless morning and by midday I had to throw my shoes away and buy an emergency pair from target due to them getting soaked so badly by torrential rain. So as I said dress prepared!

Street Art

As stated, Melbourne is filled with street art. Entire alleyways have been converted into canvases and change on a regular basis to display new pieces. Statues and sculptures can be found on sidewalks throughout the city.

National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne art Museum is filled with fantastic pieces from around the world, including pieces from throughout Australia.Several hours can be spent exploring the Museums collection of ancient, contemporary and modern arts.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is a fully interactive center focusing upon the history of film, television and gaming. Within the building yo will get to see props from several famous Australian films, such as Ned Kelly and Mad Max.

Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum has a fantastic collection of natural history, including the body of Australia’s most famous racehorse, Farlap (who in Australia is a national icon). You will also be able to see the Australian coat of arms made with a real kangaroo and emu.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is a historic landmark in the city, having run since 1878. Within the market, you will find everything from fresh fruits, to deli meats, to knock-off clothing and random old second-hand toys. You will also find the Melbourne key tag sign, where travelers attach tags with their names written on.