Milford Sound/Fiordland

Milford Sound is New Zealand’s number one tourist attraction and has consistently¬†ranked as one of the world’s top tourist attractions. With some of the world’s greatest scenery and completely untouched landscape, it is easy to see why. The entire state of Fiordland is a national park, meaning that for the entire drive, once leaving Southland, you will not see any towns or houses along the drive. This adds to the beauty of the entire region, how natural and untouched it all really is. The only buildings that you will come across are actually in the sound itself, which include the ferry station, underwater research center, airport and staff living quarters. As far as cruises go, I would recommend¬†using Cruise Milford, as their tours only cost $90 and include lunch. We paid an additional cost to include the underwater research center which is definitely worth the cost. If you would like to see a rare breed of coral (called black coral, despite seeming white), that normally grows in the deep see, but is tricked into growing in Milford Sound due to sediment runoff, then definitely pay the additional fee. Make sure to stop often along the drive to the sound, as there are countless photo spots and small sights worth seeing. Watch out for Kia along the journey, they are a highly intelligent¬†mountain parrot, only found in New Zealand and are also part of the unique experience.