Surrounding Attractions

Otago Peninsula

Otago Peninsula is full of tourist attractions, native wildlife, and stunning scenery. Amongst the attractions you will find, the only genuine castle in the region (which I sadly never made it to), an albatross center, historic gardens and beaches covered in seals and penguins. The albatross center is definitely worth the drive and is located at the very end of the peninsula. Located there are also historic disappearing cannons which are hidden below the ground and can be toured.

Pineapple Track

The Pineapple Track is a fantastic hiking trail running from just outside of the city and along the city’s skyline. The trail gives a fantastic view of the city itself and the coastline on one side and the alps on the other side. The trail is easy difficulty and only takes a few hours to complete.

Tunnel Beach

Located just outside of Dunedin, Tunnel Beach is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, with amazing coastal views and highly unusual rock structures. A historic tunnel carved through a cliffside was once used by smugglers to bring goods up from boats.

Organ Pipes Track

Another track located just outside of the city, with fantastic views. The trail only takes around two hours both ways and gives an amazing 360 degree view of the surrounding area.

Silver Peaks Trail

A short drive outside of the city marks the beggining of the trail. While it is doable in a single day, I recommend taking two days and spending the night in the cabin located on the trail. While one part of the trail can be quite difficult due to its steepness, the rest is quite manageable.