Singapore is in all honesty one of the most amazing cities/countries in the world. I have had the pleasure of visiting the city four times and have loved every visit even more than the last. There is nowhere that I have been that is cleaner, more efficiently run, more futuristic and more surreal than Singapore. You can do everything from drive a sports care, fly in a hover dome, to visit a Buddhist monastery or eat in a several level food court filled with SE Asian cuisine. You will need money to spend to enjoy many of the cities attractions, but there is PLENTY to do on a low budget, especially just taking in the sights and sounds of the city. The entire city changes as soon as night falls, but stays just as busy at all times of the day. The city has something for everyone, regardless of what it is you’re looking for. On top of that, it has the best subway system I have ever had the pleasure of using, to get you to all of its various districts and attractions.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is an absolutely mind blowing place, both by day and by night. By day, it acts as a botanical garden, filled with what is known as the supertrees, large solar powered towers that draw moisture from the air and are covered in greenery. The gardens are also home to two large bio-domes, each with its own unique content. One of these domes houses plant life from around the world, containing species from multiple different biomes. The other dome contains a mountain climate, it houses a small man made mountain that generates its own cloud cover with a walkway through the clouded area. If you return at night, the supertrees put on a light show timed to music that is not to be missed.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Singapore is an enormous deal and the entire city is decorated with art and filled with celebrations. If you happen to be there at the right time, make sure to join in with the festivities.



Buddhist/Hindu Temples and Mosques

The city is filled with Buddhist temples and shrines wherever you go. The scale of these vary from small roadside shrines to massive temple complexes. In addition to Buddhist temples, you will find churches and mosques throughout the city due to Singapore being such an interesting melting pot. On one street alone you are able to visit a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a mosque and a church. If you have time, definitely make an effort to visit Buddha’s Tooth Temple and Museum, it is a stunning temple inside and out.


Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is hands down the best zoo I have ever visited. I recommend setting aside the better part of a day to spend exploring the zoo and seeing its unusal collection of animals from around the world. The zoo features a fantastic collection of Asian animals that many other zoos do not seem to have. The animals exhibits are extremely well constructed and kept as natural seeming as possible which seems to make the animals themselves seem happier and healthier than many zoos I have visited.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is Singapore’s top shopping, theme-park and resort destination. You can either reach the island by road or take the cable car which runs from the city center to the island, passing through a skyscraper on the way. On the island you will find the Merlion statue, sitting at around the same size as the statue of liberty and offering a view of the city from either its mouth or head. You will also find Universal Studios and several other tourist attractions and rides, including a racecar simulator and skydiving hover simulator. There is also very nice beachfront area and an enormous mall located on the island.


Singapore Botanical Gardens

Singapore Botanical Gardens are amongst the best that I have seen anywhere. The grounds are enormous and incorporate plants and biomes from all over the world. One nice thing about these gardens in particular is the tropical nature of the gardens themselves, offering thick jungle-like areas and palms. Additionally, the Singapore Orchid Garden located within the botanical garden itself is definitely worth a visit. Orchids of all varieties are housed there, providing a stunning array of shapes and colours.