From the beginning

I said in the description for this blog that I was starting from the beginning, which is South Africa for me, so I’ll start there. I left the country when I was two to New Zealand, so no, I didn’t grow up there. I did however go back for a few months when I was 13, so I guess the time I spent there then will have to do. Bear in mind that these are old photos, so the quality of them is not what we are used to today and that not all of the photos on this blog will be such low quality. Most people seem curious about Africa though so here goes. I have family spread throughout South Africa, as well as the rest of the world. My family and I went back to visit my grandfather in his final years and visited Durban (where I’m from), Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you’re wondering what South Africa is like, I promise you that is both everything and nothing like you expected it to be. If you imagined that its villages with no running water and huts, it is. If you imagined that its sprawling cities with sky scrapers and boutique malls, it is. It’s a country of polarizing extremes, ridiculous wealth and poverty, of traditional tribal living and of intense modernization. If you want to stay in a five-star resort or backpack your way to a traditional Zulu village, you can do both in the same 24 hour period. A key thing I would say to look forward to, is culture, of which there is an endless amount, it isn’t called the Rainbow Nation for nothing. One thing I would say to worry about is crime and violence, of which there is also an endless amount. Africa is one of those places where if you are smart about it you will most likely be fine, but if you aren’t things can go very badly very quickly. Unlike Asia or the Pacific, you will not always be able to bribe or talk your way out of trouble that you get into. Even as a thirteen year old, I came to realize that South Africa was a place where you didn’t walk around areas of the cities, especially not at night, where you couldn’t just necessarily ‘go with the flow.’ Enough about that, more on the high points, if you love foreign cuisine it is plentiful, stunning scenery, it is in abundance. So I don’t really have too much to say on my time in South Africa as I was too young to really enjoy the country, but here are some pictures from the trip.